INtroducing: The LaunchPad Program

Enroll Free. Tuition Deferred Until You Land A Job


Five years ago, Bobby Davis launched Coder Foundry as a way for smart, ambitious people to start new careers as Software Developers.

Since then, hundreds of Coder Foundry graduates, in North Carolina and beyond have been hired by companies to build custom software.

At the top of 2019, Bobby announced “Code the Future”, an initiative to accelerate the school’s investment in student outcomes.

Bobby ordered an audit of the school, and found that despite the high rate of success graduates were enjoying, the program wasn’t reaching all of the undiscovered tech talent in North Carolina.

Bobby challenged his team to engineer a way for Coder Foundry to defer tuition until a student secures a new job, so their experience at the school can be 100% focused on mastering Software Development.

The result of that effort is:

Coder Foundry’s Launchpad Program

We’ve completely removed the risk to attend Coder Foundry, so everyone who has the aptitude to be a Software Developer can have access to this opportunity.

Students who want an alternative to paying out-of-pocket or with a traditional education loan should apply for the Launchpad Program.

If you are interested, here are 5 things you should know about the Launchpad Program:

  1. If you are accepted into the Launchpad Program and attend Coder Foundry, and do not land a job making over $40,000 annually, then you pay nothing. This aligns our mutual goals - both you and our school are focused on placing you into a job as quickly as possible.

  2. There is no fee for enrolling in the school. Your tuition is deferred until you gain employment that pays you over $40,000. This enables you to get started with your training immediately, without worrying about an upfront payment.

  3. Your tuition is based on your salary level. However, it is capped at $25,000, total. No matter how high the salary you collect, you never pay more than the cap.

  4. Your tuition payment is capped to three years. Your agreement with us automatically ends after that period, regardless of the amount of tuition you have paid.

  5. If for some reason you lose employment for a few months, your payment responsibility is paused until you can secure a new job making over $40,000.

This Launchpad Program is possible because we’ve helped students from all backgrounds and levels of ability start new careers in coding.

We’re confident that if you are willing to fully commit to our training, we will help you switch careers and get a new job as a Software Developer.

How to Apply to Launchpad

Schedule a call with an Admissions counselor to discuss this new program, and our traditional financing options.

You will be asked to take an assessment quiz, and submit information about your career history and goals.

This program is limited to the first 60 qualified applicants.